A substantial increase of the impact factor

  • Arne Andersson
  • Gunnar Ronquist


When we contracted, some 4 years ago, an established publisher (Informa Healthcare) for the publication of our journal, we had to set a reasonable goal for our achievements. Perhaps, not surprisingly, we looked at the so much debated impact factor institute and found that by reaching the critical 1.0 level—used by our local faculty in their budgetary system—a realistic and meaningful aim had been set. As a physical token of this planning we promised our editorial board members a champagne party the day we had brought about this considerable effort. So, it is our great pleasure to announce that we have succeeded. As published late June by Thomson Reuters (TR) in their annual report, our 2-year impact factor has risen to 1.063, a more than 70% increase as compared with last year’s figure (Table I). The increase of the 5-year impact factor figure was less impressive, indicating that the citations of the last 2 years’ articles have contributed to a higher extent. We can also see a sharp increase of the immediacy index, telling us that many of our articles are cited very soon after they have been released on the ‘Early Online’ site at the website of the journal. It is also interesting to see that the numbers of total cites in both databases (T&R and SCOPUS) have increased substantially fulfilling our objective to be cited once every day all days of the year. As we pointed out in our latest editorial on the performance of UJMS (1), we have managed to keep up the percentage of our papers that indeed become cited—75%–80% after 3–5 years—which is very close to figures for other more well-known and wellreputed scientific journals. Concerning the rank figures, it can be seen that we are close to entering the best half of all journals belonging to the category ‘Medicine, general and internal’. A reasonable next goal of our journal will be to establish ourselves in the better half.


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Andersson A., & Ronquist G. (2012). A substantial increase of the impact factor. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 117(4). https://doi.org/10.3109/03009734.2012.725511

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