Central venous port-related infection in patients with malignant tumors: An observational study

  • Akio Akahane
  • Miyuki Sone
  • Shigeru Ehara
  • Kenichi Kato
  • Michiko Suzuki
  • Ryoichi Tanaka
  • Akira Suwabe
  • Tetsuya Itabashi
  • Kashiwaba Masahiro


Purpose. We evaluated the characteristics of central venous port (CVP)-related infection with microbiological assessments in patients with malignant tumors.

Materials and methods. In a prospective setting, patients with CVP for the treatment of malignant tumors were enrolled in this study. The incidence of CVP-related infection during three months was determined. Microbiological surveillance from skin swab was performed before and after CVP placement.

Results. Fifty-nine patients were enrolled in this study, and 60 CVPs were implanted. Thirty-six (61%) patients had head and neck malignancies. Access route was subclavian vein in 43 (71.7%) CVPs and forearm vein in 17 (28.3%). CVPrelated infection was observed in three (5.1%) patients: port-pocket infection in one and probable CVP-related infection in two patients, respectively. No definitive CVP-related bloodstream infection was observed. Before the placement of CVP, colonization at the insertion site was observed in ten subclavian CVP patients, while no colonization was observed in the forearm CVP patients. At 1 and 4 weeks, detection rates of colonization were also higher in subclavian CVP patients. No definitive relationship was demonstrated between skin colonization and clinical development of CVP-related infection.

Conclusion. The rate of CVP-related infection in this prospective evaluation in patients with malignant tumors was comparable to previous studies. Colonization of the skin was more prominent in the subclavian site than in the forearm site. Although skin colonization was not proven to be a risk factor of infection, these results may draw attention to the adequate maintenance of CVP. (Trial registration: UMIN000003664). Key words: Central venous catheter, infection,


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Akahane A., Sone M., Ehara S., Kato K., Suzuki M., Tanaka R., Suwabe A., Itabashi T., & Masahiro K. (2012). Central venous port-related infection in patients with malignant tumors: An observational study. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 117(3). https://doi.org/10.3109/03009734.2012.664178
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