Emergency Operation for Phlegmonous Gastritis

  • Takashi Yokota
  • Takayuki Yamaki
  • Rei Yashima
  • Yasuo Yamada
  • Yoichi Narushima
  • Shu Kikuchi
  • Hidemi Yamauchi
  • Masahito Hatori


Phlegmonous gastritis is a rare inflammatory lesion in which bacterial infection occurs in the gastric wall. A case of phlegmonous gastritis producing an intramural filling defect in the stomach is presented. Endoscopy showed edematous and reddened gastric mucosa with a mass lesion in the gastric body and antrum. An abdominal CT scan showed diffuse and irregular thickening of the gastric wall. At emergency operation, a total gastrectomy with splenectomy was performed. The most important differential diagnosis is carcinoma, especially scirrhous-type gastric cancer. Radiographic findings of phlegmonous gastritis resemble those of scirrhous gastric cancer. More frequent recognition of this disease, early diagnosis and prompt institution of treatment is essential.


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Yokota T., Yamaki T., Yashima R., Yamada Y., Narushima Y., Kikuchi S., Yamauchi H., & Hatori M. (2009). Emergency Operation for Phlegmonous Gastritis. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 110(3), 237–240. https://doi.org/10.3109/2000-1967-069
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