Diet, Nutrition and Diabetes Mellitus

  • Bengt Vessby
  • Brita Karlström
  • Margareta Öhrvall
  • Anette Järvi
  • Agneta Anderson
  • Samar Basu


Nutritional management of diabetes mellitus, and the importance of diet in the development of insulin resistance, have for many years been important areas of research and education at the Unit for Clinical Nutrition Research at the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences (formerly Department of Geriatrics) at Uppsala University. The research has more recently focussed on effects of dietary fat quality in the development of insulin resistance and in treatment of diabetes, on interaction between dietary fat and physical activity in relation to insulin sensitivity and on the importance of carbohydrate rich foods with low glycaemic index in the diabetic diet. Much work has also been directed towards development of educational material about nutrition recommendations and dietary treatment in diabetes mellitus. The ultimate goals for all our efforts are to visualize, and promote, the possibilities and fundamental importance of lifestyle changes. This includes an improved diet and increased physical activity, in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus.


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Vessby B., Karlström B., Öhrvall M., Järvi A., Anderson A., & Basu S. (2000). Diet, Nutrition and Diabetes Mellitus. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 105(2), 151-160.
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