6.2.4 A Nordic Reference Serum Suitable for Use as Trueness Control in the Clinical Routine Laboratory

  • Ole Blaabjerg
  • Peter Elg
  • Willie Gerhardt
  • Kristoffer Hellsing
  • Elin Olafsdottir
  • Ilkka Penttilä
  • Per Hyltoft Petersen
  • Heidi Steensland
  • Adam Uldall


The described reference serum is characterized by: liquid human serum at “normal” level stored in frozen state at −80°C; minimum damage of proteins; aseptic preparation; cryoprecipitate and excess fibrin removed; serum cleared by ultracentrifugation; pH at 7.2–7.6; available in sealed glass ampoules with inert gas (one ml serum in each); specified components among most frequently analyzed analytes; homogeneity assured and stability monitored; produced under strict rules for good manufacturing practices (GMP).

The assigned values are traceable to reference measurement procedures and reference materials of highest achievable metrological level; according to the present proposal the maximum allowable uncertainty of the assigned value is based on biological variation (shared common reference intervals); the uncertainty should ideally not exceed 1/5 of the maximum allowable bias of results obtained on patients samples (even 1/2 would theoretically be acceptable and, for a practical guide approximately <1% may suffice).

The present document provides some guidance of how the reference serum could be established in practice. The document also indicates the use of the material and further extension of the concept. The present work is done as a NORDKEM project.


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Blaabjerg O., Elg P., Gerhardt W., Hellsing K., Olafsdottir E., Penttilä I., Hyltoft Petersen P., Steensland H., & Uldall A. (1993). 6.2.4 A Nordic Reference Serum Suitable for Use as Trueness Control in the Clinical Routine Laboratory. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 98(3), 405-412. https://doi.org/10.3109/03009739309179340
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