Surgery of Renal Cancer with Extensive Caval Invasion

Suggestion for a new approach

  • Thomas Andréen
  • Torkel Åberg
  • Åke Fritjofsson


Radical surgery for renal cancer with invasion of the inferior vena cava can improve the patient's quality of life and, in some cases, offer longer survival or even cure. With a carefully planned surgical approach it is possible to remove renal tumours with thrombotic extension to the most proximal part of the inferior vena cava without necessity for cardiopulmonary bypass and without undue risk to the patient. In the operative procedure, good access and visual control of the proximal vena cava and all the contributing veins seem to be crucially important.


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Andréen T., Åberg T., & Fritjofsson Åke. (1985). Surgery of Renal Cancer with Extensive Caval Invasion: Suggestion for a new approach. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 90(2), 107-114.
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