Renal Transplantation in Uppsala

  • Lars Frödin Departments of Urology and Medicine, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Ulla Backman


The history and progress of organ transplantation in Uppsala are reviewed. Renal transplantation was begun in 1969, and the programme now comprises 50 to 60 transplants per year. Since 1976 the operation is performed at the department of urology. Close collaboration has been established with other departments in the hospital, especially with the medical nephrology unit. The indications for active management of uraemic patients have broadened, and maintaining resources on a par with the demands has constantly been a problem. This report concerns immunosuppressive therapy, transplantation results and research connected with the transplantation programme and deals briefly with the prospects for Uppsala as a transplantation centre in the future.


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Frödin L., & Backman U. (1985). Renal Transplantation in Uppsala. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 90(2), 149-156.
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