Fine-needle Biopsies of Renal Transplants in Clinical Rejection Monitoring

  • Jan Wahlberg
  • Ulla Backman
  • Lars Frödin
  • Björn Stenkvist
  • Gunnar Tufveson


Fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of renal allograft transplants has been used at Uppsala University Hospital for 3 years. Experience from 51 consecutive patients (from 1 1/2 years) with 333 FNAB was reviewed. Representative material was obtained in more than 70% of the biopsies. Eleven rejection episodes in 12 patients were confirmed with this method. One was not recognized. Significant inflammation in the kidney without clinical rejection was found in 22 patients. The possible causes of such inflammation are discussed. Repeatedly recorded inflammation in the kidney with minor or no effect on graft function may sometimes be caused by viral infection. The clinical value of FNAB in various immunosuppressive regimens is discussed.


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Wahlberg J., Backman U., Frödin L., Stenkvist B., & Tufveson G. (1985). Fine-needle Biopsies of Renal Transplants in Clinical Rejection Monitoring. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 90(2), 163-168.
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