Malacoplakia and Spermatic Granuloma Complicating Vasectomy

  • Margrét Agnarsdóttir
  • Birgitta Carlén
  • Roger Willén


Malacoplakia is a granulomatous disease with a histiocytic infiltrate containing calcified structures called Michaelis-Gutmann bodies. These structures are considered to represent an abnormal response to infection involving defective lysosomes and abnormal microbubular assembly. The disease most frequently involves urinary and genital tracts, but has also been described from most other organs. Here we present the first case of malacoplakia only involving the vas deferens.


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Agnarsdóttir M., Carlén B., & Willén R. (2009). Malacoplakia and Spermatic Granuloma Complicating Vasectomy. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 111(2), 227–230.
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